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Character Creation Guidelines

Posting & Viewing Characters

Characters should be posted in the “Characters” tab using the JaredTwing generic World of Darkness template, which should show up as an option for you when you click “Add Character”. This character sheet seems to display OK on Firefox but may have problems on IE.

Other players’ characters may be viewed under the “Characters” tab as well. A sample character, Eva Jensen, has been posted there for reference. However, Eva Jensen’s background has yet to be written at time of this writing. Real characters should have a background.

Character Background

Characters should be young people living in Bloomington, Indiana, typically students at the university. They are normal humans, not superheroes, vampires, werewolves, mages, or the like. However, they are exceptional in some way: talented, trained or knowledgeable in skills most people don’t have, or even in possession of minor psychic / occult abilities.

Characters should have plausible reasons to associate with each other. Ideally, they know each other fairly well before the campaign begins. Characters should also have plausible reasons to investigate potential paranormal events. They need not – should not – be professional monster hunters, but may have been exposed to the supernatural before, or should at least be curious and open-minded enough to take strange things seriously and to look into them without being prodded to do so.

Character Builds

Characters should be built according to the guidelines in the World of Darkness rulebook, with a few additions. First, in addition to a concept, a background, a Virtue, and a Vice, each character should have a Dream, a Fear, a Mystery, and a Secret. These serve the same function as Virtues and Vices: they tell the GM what kinds of things are expected to happen in your character’s story, both good and bad, and when such things DO happen in a way detrimental to the character, he will be rewarded with Willpower points. The details of these additional requirements are as follows:

  • Dream: something the character wants. It should be both more specific and more long-term than the objects of Virtues and Vices. Examples: to marry the man of your dreams, to become a famous doctor, to learn the truth that’s out there.
  • Fear: the opposite of Dream. Something the character doesn’t want, but fears may come to pass. It could be a normal human fear or a fear of something supernatural. Like Dream, it should be more specific than the objects of Virtues and Vices. Examples: being completely alone, death of loved ones, failure at life.
  • Mystery: something that happened in the character’s past that she has never fully explained. Could be normal or paranormal.
  • Secret: something the character doesn’t want others to know. Could be normal or paranormal.

Second (of the additions to standard WoD character creation): characters may have Merits from the Psychic and Occult sections of World of Darkness: Second Sight. However, all such abilities must be checked with the GM in advance. Beginning characters may not take more than 4 dots in Psychic and Occult merits (but this limit can be exceeded later).

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