This Mortal Coil


Hand of Glory, Gyn Denison

Text (Sent to Gyn Denison at 1:15am Tuesday)
“Come to Griffy Lake Quick”

Gyn, drinking at Kilroys, jumps in the party-mobile and rips off down Indiana avenue towards Griffy Lake. After arriving at the scene, police sirens roaring loudly through the cool winter air, Gyn finds his companions throwing a dead corpse into the lake followed by a quick tossing of Shotty the Shotgun.

“Whoah!! My Gun! Not cool buddy.”

The shotgun had been pilfered earlier from our young protagonist by his less-than-moral friends whom he has recently become acquainted with. Deciding not to brave the fridgid winter water for his gun, Gyn quickly reminds Ted and Ophelia of the police haunting the forest and that the threesome should make their escape west towards the party mobile.

“Quick, follow me west toward the party mobile.”

After a few steps in the direction of the car, Gyn notices Ted bounding past him with great skill. Ted’s fluidity and speed down the crooked forest path was ungodly graceful, as if a wildcat was stalking its prey. As the companions reach the car they leap in the vehicle and drive away to safety, avoiding police and faceless bunglehoppers alike.

Meanwhile Adele and critical condition Jacob had been confronted by the police, taken to the hospital and interrogated some more. Adele playing the, “I’m a girl and too upset for my friend” card was able to avoid most of the police questions via Crying. Two twosome is safe.

The story continues at Ophelia’s house where Ophelia and Ted are warming up from the bitter cold and feeling the full weight of their dark decisions. Adele eventually finds her way back to the house…. Gyn,choosing to warm up in his own way, grabs a few more quick drinks at Roys and successfully seduces a lady friend before making his way back over to Ophelias. The details are fuzzy after a night of drinking and horseplay.

“Hey, lets play with that hand” -Ted

The obviously stupid comment makes its way across the room. All companions agree to the idea, none thinking of the dark power the item could possess.

Ted lights the hand of fire and one-by-one its power finds its way deep into the heart of its victims. Ophelia submits first, then Adele in the next room and the Asian couple down the hall next. Gyn’s will power, while strong, is unable to fend off the dark powers for more than a few minutes and bends to the dark sorcery. Our Heroes are at the mercy of Ted who has a strong affection towards the knives in the kitchen. Able to control his dark feelings for a moment, Ted instead swaps shirts with Gyn (obviously jealous of Gyns “Hot new threads”). In a more sinister moment, Ted slowly slides a warm cookie deep into the pocket of Ophelias tight jeans.(Ha!)

One-by-one Ophelia and Gyn awaken from the madness and start towards Ted. Gyn grabbing at the hand in obvious lust, while Ophelia goes at his head with a frying pan. Ted eventually reliquishes the had and the companions decide to bury it in the couch pillow cusion for safe keeping…. But is the grotesque Hand ever safe?



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