This Mortal Coil

Friends want Blood

Jerry Calahan



Bam, Bam, Bam

The Gun sounds are loud in the morning but practice is never quiet. Gyn, Ted and Jerry Calahan go to the Gun range. After a little bit of man-to-bro bonding time Gyn and Ted decide to get down to business and start interrogating Jerry.

“Jerry, We’re not Interrogating you, dont get defensive. We just want to make sure you are alright.” – Gyn

They discuss Jerry’s involvment and previous visits to Caps and Annie Burnett. After some clever lies and manipulation by Gyn, Jerry begins to divulge tad bits of information and feelings, nothing too important however. As the questions get more and more heated, Jerry begins to get uncomfortable and starts shooting his gun more ferociously, with clear skill. Not even Gyn’s seduction can calm the mad Calahan, thus the party decided to call it quits at the range.

While driving home, Gyn with the help of his tree-climbing friend Ted convince Jerry to come to Ophelia’s to listen to a recording they found in Annie’s office. Ted and Gyn pour lies on top of lies and convince Jerry of IDS suspicion that Annie Burnett is up to no good, thus appointing them on the case – making it sensible they would steal a confidential tape from the CAPS office. (It makes sense)

The tape is played

Immediately, Gyn is entranced by the tape and begins heading to the kitchen for the knives. Post-poking some meat (and not in the good way) he relinquishes the weapon and comes to just as Jerry has had enough and runs outside.

“Come sit with me on the couch, Jerry” -Gyn calls after him, but there is no response. After some more banter, Gyn offers to take Jerry home.

Gyn and Jerry have a heart-to-heart in the car and both understand it would be a great idea to go visit Annie Burnett at her house. Jerry runs into his house to grab something and the two continue off towards Annie’s house. Gyn reluctantly invites his ‘crazy’ friends because he figures,

“If troubles about to brew, they will want to be around.”

As the car approaches the house, Jerry leaps out with a fervor and trunches towards the door all-the-while with his hand holding something heavy in his pocket.
Ophelia, realizing her companions are too dumb to act quickly, runs after Jerry and accosts him with verbal abuse, “You are Fucking Crazy.” Though, often verbal abuse evolves to physical consequences as Jerry faces the Brave Ophelia with his hand menacingly wielding something in his pocket.

…But who is the more Crazy…



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