This Mortal Coil

Don't Forget The Milk!

Hand of Glory, death, Rob Stanning, dark figure, dream , precognition, poor planning, milk

To start this session, during the night Adelle has a crazy dream where she sees Rob Stanning coming towards her with a lamp/light in hand which actually turns out to be a severed hand holding a candle. He keeps getting closer and closer to her until he cuts her throat with a large knife. (I believe she feels frozen/paralyzed as this occurs- but I am not sure)

Jacob figures out that the crusty stuff was human vomit and some kind of narcotic. He had to get some help from a lab tech- but despite being a super awkward conversation manages to keep him from getting too suspicious.

Next day most have class. Ted gets some costumes (janitor/security officer), Jacob checks out the crusty stuff from Katie Unger’s apartment. At some point before too long into the morning the group starts to rally together again at the Waffle House (I believe). Adelle talks about her dream and Ophelia uses her data retrieval skills to look up information and learns about the Hand of Glory. According to research that is found, (or you can read the wiki yourself) the Hand of Glory will render someone immobile if presented while lit. The only thing that can put out the flame from the Hand of Glory is milk. The group doesn’t take this as a literal dream of the future and so doesn’t think much of the fact that milk might be something worth carrying around at this point or in the future. (

Jacob calls Rob, he’s out of town. The group plans to to meet with Chantelle. She isn’t terrible responsive. He give her a few tidbits about the data we found- not mentioning the audio file or Jerry Callahan’s possible connection. Chantelle doesn’t claim to know much about Rob except he’s out of town. No much really happens here. When we finally get a hold of Rob we suggest meeting in the Union, but he wants to meet us somewhere private with no one else around. We decide to meet at the field that we used as shooting range when we first got the guns.

We go to meet Rob Ted and Jacob approach- with Adelle and Ophelia holding guns and approaching from a different angle. Ted and Jacob plan to txt/yell “Acorn” to the girls if they need backup. Rob looks like he is about to light a cigarette, except its not a cigarette- its actually the Hand of Glory from Adelle’s dream. Ted miraculously manages to knock the Hand of Glory out of Rob’s hand before he can light it. Jacob attempts to tackle Rob as Ted does this. Ted proceeds to reach down, grab the Hand, and run off towards the girls- tossing it into a bush so he can find it later if need be. Meanwhile Jacob is getting sliced up by Rob. Adelle managed to blow off a portion of Rob’s face on her first shot (meta-game comment: “This is my boomstick!”). Ophelia takes some shots too with marginal success- and Rob keeps cutting up Jacob. Jacob realizes he’s pretty fucked right now and tries to run away. Ted managed to come in and lay a hit on Rob with his bare hands, but Rob keeps going after Jacob, however, he is too slow and Jacob gets a little bit away from him. The girls open up fire on Rob now that he is separated from both the guys. Ted gets another hit on Rob and takes minimal damage before the girls finish Rob off with the firearms. This is where our adventure stopped. We still need to investigate the body, get the hand out of the brush, and decide how we want to clean this up.

Why didn’t bring milk!?

(The best joke of the RPG’s group history was made around here- with Steev suggesting Ophelia should have taken up Gin on his constant hits on her, because if she were pregnant and lactating then she could have had access to milk to put out the flame…. XD )


Excuse me… ?? Who said Gin was hitting on anyone? He is just a natural flirter

Don't Forget The Milk!

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