This Mortal Coil

Friends want Blood
Jerry Calahan



Bam, Bam, Bam

The Gun sounds are loud in the morning but practice is never quiet. Gyn, Ted and Jerry Calahan go to the Gun range. After a little bit of man-to-bro bonding time Gyn and Ted decide to get down to business and start interrogating Jerry.

“Jerry, We’re not Interrogating you, dont get defensive. We just want to make sure you are alright.” – Gyn

They discuss Jerry’s involvment and previous visits to Caps and Annie Burnett. After some clever lies and manipulation by Gyn, Jerry begins to divulge tad bits of information and feelings, nothing too important however. As the questions get more and more heated, Jerry begins to get uncomfortable and starts shooting his gun more ferociously, with clear skill. Not even Gyn’s seduction can calm the mad Calahan, thus the party decided to call it quits at the range.

While driving home, Gyn with the help of his tree-climbing friend Ted convince Jerry to come to Ophelia’s to listen to a recording they found in Annie’s office. Ted and Gyn pour lies on top of lies and convince Jerry of IDS suspicion that Annie Burnett is up to no good, thus appointing them on the case – making it sensible they would steal a confidential tape from the CAPS office. (It makes sense)

The tape is played

Immediately, Gyn is entranced by the tape and begins heading to the kitchen for the knives. Post-poking some meat (and not in the good way) he relinquishes the weapon and comes to just as Jerry has had enough and runs outside.

“Come sit with me on the couch, Jerry” -Gyn calls after him, but there is no response. After some more banter, Gyn offers to take Jerry home.

Gyn and Jerry have a heart-to-heart in the car and both understand it would be a great idea to go visit Annie Burnett at her house. Jerry runs into his house to grab something and the two continue off towards Annie’s house. Gyn reluctantly invites his ‘crazy’ friends because he figures,

“If troubles about to brew, they will want to be around.”

As the car approaches the house, Jerry leaps out with a fervor and trunches towards the door all-the-while with his hand holding something heavy in his pocket.
Ophelia, realizing her companions are too dumb to act quickly, runs after Jerry and accosts him with verbal abuse, “You are Fucking Crazy.” Though, often verbal abuse evolves to physical consequences as Jerry faces the Brave Ophelia with his hand menacingly wielding something in his pocket.

…But who is the more Crazy…

Hand of Glory, Gyn Denison

Text (Sent to Gyn Denison at 1:15am Tuesday)
“Come to Griffy Lake Quick”

Gyn, drinking at Kilroys, jumps in the party-mobile and rips off down Indiana avenue towards Griffy Lake. After arriving at the scene, police sirens roaring loudly through the cool winter air, Gyn finds his companions throwing a dead corpse into the lake followed by a quick tossing of Shotty the Shotgun.

“Whoah!! My Gun! Not cool buddy.”

The shotgun had been pilfered earlier from our young protagonist by his less-than-moral friends whom he has recently become acquainted with. Deciding not to brave the fridgid winter water for his gun, Gyn quickly reminds Ted and Ophelia of the police haunting the forest and that the threesome should make their escape west towards the party mobile.

“Quick, follow me west toward the party mobile.”

After a few steps in the direction of the car, Gyn notices Ted bounding past him with great skill. Ted’s fluidity and speed down the crooked forest path was ungodly graceful, as if a wildcat was stalking its prey. As the companions reach the car they leap in the vehicle and drive away to safety, avoiding police and faceless bunglehoppers alike.

Meanwhile Adele and critical condition Jacob had been confronted by the police, taken to the hospital and interrogated some more. Adele playing the, “I’m a girl and too upset for my friend” card was able to avoid most of the police questions via Crying. Two twosome is safe.

The story continues at Ophelia’s house where Ophelia and Ted are warming up from the bitter cold and feeling the full weight of their dark decisions. Adele eventually finds her way back to the house…. Gyn,choosing to warm up in his own way, grabs a few more quick drinks at Roys and successfully seduces a lady friend before making his way back over to Ophelias. The details are fuzzy after a night of drinking and horseplay.

“Hey, lets play with that hand” -Ted

The obviously stupid comment makes its way across the room. All companions agree to the idea, none thinking of the dark power the item could possess.

Ted lights the hand of fire and one-by-one its power finds its way deep into the heart of its victims. Ophelia submits first, then Adele in the next room and the Asian couple down the hall next. Gyn’s will power, while strong, is unable to fend off the dark powers for more than a few minutes and bends to the dark sorcery. Our Heroes are at the mercy of Ted who has a strong affection towards the knives in the kitchen. Able to control his dark feelings for a moment, Ted instead swaps shirts with Gyn (obviously jealous of Gyns “Hot new threads”). In a more sinister moment, Ted slowly slides a warm cookie deep into the pocket of Ophelias tight jeans.(Ha!)

One-by-one Ophelia and Gyn awaken from the madness and start towards Ted. Gyn grabbing at the hand in obvious lust, while Ophelia goes at his head with a frying pan. Ted eventually reliquishes the had and the companions decide to bury it in the couch pillow cusion for safe keeping…. But is the grotesque Hand ever safe?

Don't Forget The Milk!
Hand of Glory, death, Rob Stanning, dark figure, dream , precognition, poor planning, milk

To start this session, during the night Adelle has a crazy dream where she sees Rob Stanning coming towards her with a lamp/light in hand which actually turns out to be a severed hand holding a candle. He keeps getting closer and closer to her until he cuts her throat with a large knife. (I believe she feels frozen/paralyzed as this occurs- but I am not sure)

Jacob figures out that the crusty stuff was human vomit and some kind of narcotic. He had to get some help from a lab tech- but despite being a super awkward conversation manages to keep him from getting too suspicious.

Next day most have class. Ted gets some costumes (janitor/security officer), Jacob checks out the crusty stuff from Katie Unger’s apartment. At some point before too long into the morning the group starts to rally together again at the Waffle House (I believe). Adelle talks about her dream and Ophelia uses her data retrieval skills to look up information and learns about the Hand of Glory. According to research that is found, (or you can read the wiki yourself) the Hand of Glory will render someone immobile if presented while lit. The only thing that can put out the flame from the Hand of Glory is milk. The group doesn’t take this as a literal dream of the future and so doesn’t think much of the fact that milk might be something worth carrying around at this point or in the future. (

Jacob calls Rob, he’s out of town. The group plans to to meet with Chantelle. She isn’t terrible responsive. He give her a few tidbits about the data we found- not mentioning the audio file or Jerry Callahan’s possible connection. Chantelle doesn’t claim to know much about Rob except he’s out of town. No much really happens here. When we finally get a hold of Rob we suggest meeting in the Union, but he wants to meet us somewhere private with no one else around. We decide to meet at the field that we used as shooting range when we first got the guns.

We go to meet Rob Ted and Jacob approach- with Adelle and Ophelia holding guns and approaching from a different angle. Ted and Jacob plan to txt/yell “Acorn” to the girls if they need backup. Rob looks like he is about to light a cigarette, except its not a cigarette- its actually the Hand of Glory from Adelle’s dream. Ted miraculously manages to knock the Hand of Glory out of Rob’s hand before he can light it. Jacob attempts to tackle Rob as Ted does this. Ted proceeds to reach down, grab the Hand, and run off towards the girls- tossing it into a bush so he can find it later if need be. Meanwhile Jacob is getting sliced up by Rob. Adelle managed to blow off a portion of Rob’s face on her first shot (meta-game comment: “This is my boomstick!”). Ophelia takes some shots too with marginal success- and Rob keeps cutting up Jacob. Jacob realizes he’s pretty fucked right now and tries to run away. Ted managed to come in and lay a hit on Rob with his bare hands, but Rob keeps going after Jacob, however, he is too slow and Jacob gets a little bit away from him. The girls open up fire on Rob now that he is separated from both the guys. Ted gets another hit on Rob and takes minimal damage before the girls finish Rob off with the firearms. This is where our adventure stopped. We still need to investigate the body, get the hand out of the brush, and decide how we want to clean this up.

Why didn’t bring milk!?

(The best joke of the RPG’s group history was made around here- with Steev suggesting Ophelia should have taken up Gin on his constant hits on her, because if she were pregnant and lactating then she could have had access to milk to put out the flame…. XD )

Peeling Back Tender Wounds
Rob Stanning, funeral, Chris Coleson, suicide, Kate Unger, CAPS, breaking and entering, investigation

The group decided to meet together to get Ted up to date about the most recent events that had occurred in the previous days (session). As the group talked about the events there were somewhat conflicting memories about just how unnatural the figured that attacked everyone was. There was also a recollection of some symbols on the ground that were never fully investigated. The group decided to go back to the tracks and see what they could find and hopefully resolve any confusion. It was clear that police had come and investigated the scene, presumably taking ammunition shells and anything else that might have been left behind. The writing on the ground was still around and Adelle decided to snap some photos with her smartphone with plans to look them up later. As we kept looking around we realized that we were on a crime scene and had weapons with us that would potentially be incriminating evidence should any law enforcement officers show up.

We decided around this point that we should be getting ready to head to the funeral for Chris. We got dressed for the occassion and then drove to Jonestown to make it to the service. Gin in typical fashion decided to stride in with full confidence as if he belonged there and we all followed in without a hitch. The funeral service itself quoted passages of the Bible that included condemnation of homosexual acts. We noticed Rob Stanning in the audience. We sat through the service and despite Ted’s best efforts to keep track of where Rob was headed, Rob managed to sneak off and the group lost track of him. The group decided that it was going to be too awkward to try to follow the family to the reception. So they headed back to Bloomington.

At some point around here, Adelle checks out the the symbols on her smartphone from ground markings at the tracks from the day before. She discovers that they are ancient Sumerian Cuneiform, the message was something about keeping stuff out- but the text itself is inverted, so maybe it was designed to keep something inside the ring in which it was writ.

Jacob decided to give Rob a call somewhere around this time to see what he was doing there and to suggest that perhaps we could have a mutual interest and could work together. Rob was adamant about us staying out of this. We lied and said we would stay out of it without him. Later on, however, we did manage to get him to join us in investigating Katie Unger’s suicide.

(I think I may have lost some kind of meeting with Stanning at the Union in here- but it was just a branching point towards the investigations of later in the night)

We found out that Katie Unger committed suicide and decided to go and try to investigate the scene. Rob and Jacob went into her room and found several items of potential interest including her purse and some strange crusty stuff on the seat of the toilet. Jacob took the crusty stuff with him in a baggy in order to analyze it back in his lab sometime. They looked for signs of writing like that at the tracks, but there was no sign. Nothing else worth mentioning here other than nabbing a her purse (I don’t recall what all we found in it), but it was a pretty quick visit.

After this we decided to go and check out the CAPS building and see if we could break in and look at records. It actually wasn’t too hard to break in. Ted and Jacob managed to get in and avoid getting caught as best as they could tell. After spending a number of hours trying to break into the computer system, Jacob was able to obtain a large dataset of the records for appointments, students and therapists.

Ted checked out Annie Burnett’s office and found some stuff: tape recorder, records showing other people that she has seen as a therapist including, Jerry Callahan, Dan Terry (once) and Chris Coleson. There was evidence that Katie was in an abusive relationship (not sure if this was in the files- or whether Adelle knew about this, but evidence did exist one way or there other). After leaving the facility (or was it before?) Ted notices that Rob Stanning has a grappling hook and is convinced that Rob must be the person he first saw in Chris’s room that first crazy encounter. He decides to tell the group later that he is certain of this.

Rob Stanning really pushes to ask questions about what we found- but we all say we have to go to bed immediately and that we can reconvene tomorrow morning with him. However, after he leaves we decide to go to Waffle house and figure out what we can independent of him. On the files of the tape recorder, was an untitled file with an audio file with the volume so low that it was in fact inaudible. After making some modifications to the file it was played at an audible level. Several people recognized it as sounding similar to what Sam was saying (?) when he was frozen at the tracks. Ted freaked the hell out when he heard this and smashed his fist onto the laptop- breaking yet one more of poor Jacob’s things. After this the group decides to call it a night and plan to contact each other the next day.

Strange Happenings

While Sam and Ophelia take a walk around College Mall, Adele and Jacob decide to call the police to take a look at the apartment. Sam cam to talk to Ophelia about a knock he heard at his dorm room and a voice that was exactly the same as Chris’s telling him to meet him at the railroad tracks. Apprehensively, Ophelia agrees to accompany Sam to go to the railroad tracks later that night.

When Ophelia arrives back at the apartment, the police had already come through and asked the standard questions like if anything was missing and seemed curious when there was not. After the policeman left, Ophelia told Adele and Jacob about meeting with Sam at the railroad tracks. They all decided it would be better to have Adele and Jacob close by, so they decided to have a stakeout at Oasis to be nearby, just in case.

Ophelia met up with Sam close to the railroad tracks and they walked over together. There was someone there, but he was walking away and too far to get a good look at him. As they approached the tracks, Sam seemed to go into some kind of trance and began talking in gibberish, although he would occasionally shout out sentences but in a voice that was not his normal voice.

When a train starts to approach, Sam throws himself on to the tracks and won’t let go. Ophelia, after a few attempts, makes an emergency call to Jacob and Adele who rush over to the scene. After a few attempts to pry Sam’s hands off the railroad tracks, Jacob resorts to using rocks to try to break his grip while Ophelia and Adele try to pull him off. Just in the nick of time, they manage to pull him off the tracks safely.

After the train passes, Sam is still unconscious, so they take him to the emergency room while calling his mother who lives several hours away. After briefing the grumpy nurse, he is taken to a room, but no doctor comes, so Ophelia yells at the attendant who calls security.

Ophelia almost gets kicked out except the doctor needs explanation and since she was the one who was with him when it happened, she answers all his questions. Well into the night, Sam’s mother finally leaves and the trio leave to spend the night at Jacob’s apartment.

In the morning/early-afternoon, Adelle has to go intern at a law firm and Ophelia has to go to work at the library, so Jacob decides to search for the rock that he had hit Sam with the night before. While at the library Ophelia decides to do a little research on the counselor who worked with Chris while keeping an eye out for the reporter.

Ophelia returns to her and Adele’s apartment first and while there she hears someone knocking on her door and telling her to meet him at the railroad tracks, just like what had happened to Sam, although she doesn’t know Chris’s voice. She runs out of the apartment in an attempt to catch him, but there is no trace of anyone there.

After telling Jacob and Adele of the strange happening, they decide to go to the railroad tracks together and also attempt to record some of it on video. On their way there, they notice that they are being followed, a chase leads to the McDonald’s drive-thru where they find out that the follower was no other than the creepy reporter. Although Jacob calls and attempts to get answers, the reporter is vague and tells him not to call again.

They then decide to go get Gin and his weaponry, so by the time they arrive at the tracks, the night train has passed, but a shadowy figure is crouched there. After turning the car lights off, Ophelia approaches the shadowy figure and even calls out to him. He is dressed in all black and wearing a Halloween mask. When Ophelia suddenly tears off his mask, things start turning more violent.

The face underneath has no skin, so every blood vessel and vein can be seen, while the eyeballs are plainly seen. Somehow managing to keep calm, Ophelia dodges his attacks. Adele is the quickest to arrive and makes a lunge for the creature although somehow getting caught in its grasp. After struggling in its hard grasp, Adele finally is able to escape as the car rolls up and turns its lights on, but not before the creature bites fairly deep into her shoulder. She runs to the car and hops in the passenger’s seat.

When Jacob runs up, he attempts to swipe at with a knife, but the creature jumps on the hood of the car and breaks the windshield, grabbing Gin by the collar who is the driver’s seat. Ophelia runs around to the back of the car to get the gun, while Jacob plunges his knife into the creatures back. After Ophelia shoots it a couple times and Jacob stabs it the creature finally dies, but not before telling Adele that he will be seeing her soon.

With the sound of sirens in the distance, Ophelia and Jacob grab the body and they all drive to the lake to burn it.

CAPS and Railroad Tracks

We picked back up with Ophelia and Sam walking down college. At first it was somewhat awkward, for Sam wouldn’t have come without having something to say, but at first he seemed to hesitant to say it, but after a few minutes of small talk he decided he would tell Ophelia about earlier that day. Sam states that earlier he was woken up from a nap from knocking on his door, but before he could reach the door he hear a voice telling Sam to meet them at the train tracks. Sam was eager to get to the door for he recognized the voice as Chris Coleson’s, but when he opened the door no one was there. Ophelia made sure that this wasn’t a dream, but Sam seem adamant that it wasn’t. Then Ophelia offered to go with Sam, thinking that he shouldn’t go alone. He agreed looking relieved and they made plans to meet at Panera around 10:00pm. Having a few hours left she when back to the apartment.

Adelle, Jacob, Teddy, and Gin were still making sure that nothing was missing. Adelle and Ophelia then decided to call the cops and report a break in, because of this Gin and Teddy left taking all of the weapons with them. The cop arrived and took pictures, tho he wasn’t completely convinced that Ophelia and Adelle didn’t know who broke in. He said that it wasn’t very likely that they would find who broke in, and left. The girls then called maintenance and had a new lock put on the door. It was then decided that Adelle and Jacob would be waiting at Oasis as backup, as Ophelia and Sam walked to the train tracks.

Ophelia met Sam outside of Panera, and they started walking towards the train tracks where the suicides have been. Ophelia started trying to make small talk, but that ended quickly as Sam hasn’t been attending classes, and he has been in CAPS every day talking to Annie Burnett. They then continued the walk in silence. As they neared the train tracks they saw someone, but that person was walking away from them and could have been anyone. Also Sam seemed to develop a single-mindedness on the train tracks as they grew close. And when they reached the train tracks he just stood there at first on moving in any way. Then his eyes rolled into his head, and he started mumbling at first, where Ophelia couldn’t understand it. But it also seemed that it was a different language also. She tried to move him, but Sam had become rooted to the train tracks, and Ophelia couldn’t move him, not even with all of her strength. Ophelia looked at her cell phone ready to call Jacob and Adelle, only to find that she had no signal. Sam’s odd mumblings got louder and more coherent as a train whistle sounded out in the darkness. Ophelia started moving backwards looking for a signal; the whole time watching Sam. As she walked she hear Sam say in distinctly different voices:

Voice 1: “I can’t believe you didn’t tell me all these years … (disgusted) you must’ve been checking me out in the locker room every time you saw me undress …”

Voice 2: “Please don’t send it to them … they’ll go crazy if they see it … please don’t send it.”

Voice 3: “How could you? Do you know what this will do to your mother? No son of mine would commit this godless perversion …”

Voice 4: gutteral, incomprehensible gobbledigook

At about one hundred feet away Ophelia called Adelle, and Jacob, telling them she needed help. Then she called the coppers asking for help, but hung up and they thought it was a prank. She ran back to Sam who was chanting now and shaking from the cold. Ophelia tried to push him some more. As Adelle and Jacob made it to the train tracks in record time thanks to Adelle’s wonderful drivesmanship. But as soon as they arrived Sam fell to the ground, and clutched the rails with so much strength that Ophelia, Adelle, and Jacob couldn’t pick him up with just brawn. They could hear the train moving closer and closer. The groups soon comes up with the plan to loosen Sam’s grip with force. The plan was that Ophelia would kick one hand, Jacob would hit the other with a rock, and then Adelle with the help of the others would pick him up. He was a skinny kid after all. It should be easy, but he seemed to have an ungodly amount of strength. Ophelia managed to kick Sam’s hand forcing him to let go. Adelle then grabbed that hand so that he couldn’t clutch on to anything else. Jacob then tried to hit the other hand with a rock, but missed when Sam started kicking. After another tried they successfully hit the other hand, and not too soon for the train was very close. But when the group tried to pick Sam up he was still too strong, and they failed. After another couple tried they picked Sam up, just as the train went by.

Sam immediately lost consciousness, and Jacob tried to throw his rock onto the train, but he threw too hard and it went over the train landing on the other side. The group then put Sam in Jacob’s car and drove him to Indiana University Bloomington Hospital, where they met Rhonda the nurse. Rhonda tried to make everyone leave after they had put Sam on a stretcher, taking him off to a room, but Ophelia had called his mother, and his mother had asked her to stay with Sam. That being said, Ophelia would not leave Sam, and they ended up waiting with Sam’s unconscious body in his room. Thirty minutes later, Ophelia was extremely pissed that they hadn’t been helped yet that coupled with Rhonda’s lip earlier, Ophelia walked back and started yelling at the lazy nurse. This was a risky move, and Ophelia walked back to the room as Rhonda called security.

Meanwhile back in Sam’s room, the doctor had arrived and after checking Sam he agreed with Jacob that Sam had no serious injuries other than some bruises. He then asked Adelle and Jacob to talk with him outside, where Ophelia already was arguing loudly with Rhonda and the security guard. He asked them what had happened to Sam. The group told him that Sam was really upset over having a friend die, and he wanted to go to the train tracks as closure, and he had invited Ophelia to come with him. When they had arrived he went into shock, and then had a seizure. After a few more questions the doctor saved Ophelia from being thrown out, and he decided that the group could remain with Sam until him mother arrived. After a couple of hours she showed up. She was late, though, for she was given a ticket for speeding. But right before she arrived Sam woke up saying that he couldn’t remember anything that happened after he woke up from his nap earlier that day. The group told him their story again and he seemed to believe it. Then the group left and headed to Jacobs where they went to sleep.

Around noon the next day, Jacob, Adelle, and Ophelia went to The Waffle House for breakfast. It was then that they looked up more information about the memorial. They couldn’t find anything online, but they called Rob Stanning. He told them that it was invite only, and they gave them Chris’s parent’s phone number. Ophelia called and asked Chris’s mother for an invitation claiming that she was a good friend of Chris’s from church and bible study. Chris’s mother bought none of it, and told Ophelia to stay away from them.

Ophelia then called Sam to check in, and he told her he was doing well, and told her that he still couldn’t remember anything. Ophelia then told him their story again, and Sam thanked everyone again for taking care of him. Before they ended the conversation Sam told Ophelia that his CAPS psychologist wanted to speak to her, and gave her the number to contact the psychologist, Annie Burnett.

Ophelia then called Annie Burnett, who asked her some question about the previous night, and Ophelia’s relationship with Chris. Ophelia ran through the story of the night before, and told Annie that she knew Chris from some parties. Annie told Ophelia that she should come in to see her, and they made an appointment for Monday. As they were ending the call, Annie told Ophelia that she should never go to the train tracks again. The group then looked up Annie Burnett on the internet, but they found nothing of interest.

After that the group decided to split up: Jacob would go back to the train track to look for evidence, and the rock that he hit Sam with; Adelle got called into work at the law firm; and Ophelia would go to work at the Wells Library, where she would look up Annie Burnett’s check out history, and she would look for Rob Stanning.

Jacob spent a long time looking for evidence and for the rock, but after all of that time he couldn’t find either. Though after all of that time he knew that the rock wasn’t there anymore. Adelle went to work for her friend that called off to go to CAPS. Adelle worked fast and met up with this friend after they were both done. They talked about the suicides and then departed. Ophelia didn’t find anything of interest in Annie Burnett’s check out history nor did she find Rob Stanning. Ophelia then went home to her apartment, where she started cleaning up. After she got finished she was sitting on the couch when someone knocked on her door, but before she could get to the door a voice called out, “Meet me at the train tracks…”. It only took Ophelia a couple of seconds afterwards to reach the door, but when she did she didn’t find anyone there. She even walked outside and still there was no one there.

Since Adelle and Jacob were on their way, Ophelia called Gin. He arrived around 11:30. She told him what was going on, and they called Teddy but he didn’t pick up his phone. Then Adelle and Jacob arrived and they were told what what going on. It was then discussed how they should go about going to the train tracks. It was decided that they would take Jacob’s car and they would bring the shotgun and two of the three knives. It was also decided that Gin would be driving. So with everyone in the car they left around midnight.

As they got close to the train tracks. They saw a man messing around the train tracks. It was decided that since Ophelia was the only one expected to be there that she would get out and walk the rest of the way. As Ophelia got closer she saw the man draw something on the ground. He was also wearing all black, but not in the goth kind of way, but in the ‘he happened to be wearing black’ kind of way. As Ophelia got within twenty feet of him he noticed her, and moved in a way that she wouldn’t be able to see his face.

Then she heard him say, “Late, why here?” Ophelia told him that she was suppose to meet a friend there, the whole time she was still walking closer. He responded with, “Still think friend coming?” Ophelia said she hoped so. At this time she is about five feet away from this person. She then starts to walk around him to see what he was doing in the dirt, but before she could do that he turns to face her saying, “Late.” Ophelia sees that he is wearing a mask. He makes to grab Ophelia, but she dodges, and as she dodges she takes off his mask. Underneath is a face without skin. His eyes are just sitting in their sockets. You can see the muscles where his cheeks should be, and he is eerily smiling at you with no lips. Adelle is out of that car at that point and running towards them. She tried to tackle this unmasked man, but misses and as she missed he grabs her. Jacob is then on his way with a knife. Gin stays with the car just in case we need a quit get away. Jacob stabs this guy, but it doesn’t effect this guy whatsoever. Ophelia kicks him, but he doesn’t take much damage. Adelle is trying to get free, but he is too strong for her. As Jacob and Ophelia attack again he starts squeezing Adelle. Though right before she breaks free he bites her taking a nice chunk out of her shoulder. She then runs to the car as Gin drives up trying to get people into the car to get away. As she climbs into the passenger seat, the creature jumps onto the hood of the car. He punches both hands into the windshield and rips it off of the car. Adelle acting fast takes the antique knife out of Gins hand and tried to stab the creature. She messes up and stabs Gin’s sleeve to the dashboard. Jacob runs to the car and stabs at the creature again, as Ophelia runs around the car to the trunk where the shotgun is. Gin frees himself from the dashboard only to have the creature choke him. Jacob stabs at the creature again as Ophelia shoots him. With that he releases his hold on Gin, and falls. His last words are to Adelle, “Be seeing you soon…”

With that they start to hear sirens in the distance. Jacob and Ophelia pick up the body and put it in the back with them. Jacob then realizes from the rotting smell that the creature has been decomposing for a while now. They make their way to University Lake, where Ophelia sets fire to the body and washes the ashes away. Jacob patches Adelle up. And then they drive way to deal with what happened that night.

Guns, Lots of Guns

The following day, Jacob and Ophelia met to exchange information with Ted and Adele: the former two recounted their conversation with the grieving Larissa and the latter pair their singular nocturnal expedition to the dead man’s room at Wilkie Quad. It was readily apparent after this initial investigation that there was some hidden agency at work surrounding the death of Chris Coleson—one that these four friends were intent on uncovering.

Later that same day, Jacob and Ophelia followed up on yesterday’s lead by tracking down Dan, one of Chris’ teammates on the football team, at the HPER weight room. They found the man in question drenched in sweat and locked in an argument with a slender Asian student who quickly departed the scene as he caught sight of the newcomers. A clumsy interview with Dan followed, revealing little save that Dan seemed to almost blame himself in some way for Chris’ death on the train tracks. Nonetheless, he was clearly distraught and quickly stormed off to the locker room without a backwards glance.

Meanwhile, upon returning to her apartment Adele found herself accosted by a middle-aged black woman flashing a police badge. Demanding to know her whereabouts the previous evening, the policewoman reveals that Adele has been identified from a security feed at the dormitory and presses her to confess to having entered Chris Coleson’s room. Adele admits to this, but does not give away the name of her accomplice, Ted, and manages to placate the officer sufficiently to not be arrested and is given the ominous warning: “Don’t leave town.”

Moments later, Ophelia returns to the apartment and narrowly misses the police officer herself although she receives another visitor—Sam Nguyen, the Asian student whom she had seen earlier with Dan. After some minutes of desultory conversation, her intuition leads her to suspect that he is a homosexual and she also learns that he had a very close relationship with Chris Coleson. At this, Sam becomes flustered and makes his exit although he does exchange contact information with Ophelia with the promise that they may talk later.

On a lighter note, Jacob and Ted have made plans to go rock climbing. They also invite a third student, Gin, whom Ted recalls was from the same hometown as the suicide victim. Later, they drive in Gin’s sleek Mercedes close to the spot where the death occurred at a train crossing as they make their way back to Ophelia and Adele’s apartment. Suddenly, Jacob spots a strange woman hunched behind the wheel of a station wagon surveilling the girls’ apartment. Spotting the three men, she immediately pops the clutch on the aged station wagon and speeds off into the gathering darkness. Undaunted, the students give chase in a dramatic pursuit through the streets of Bloomington! They corner the station wagon in an alleyway and the woman inside flees, abandoning the car as police sirens wail in the distance.

As Gin pulls the car around the block, Jacob enters the abandoned vehicle and effects a rapid search of its interior—glove box, under the seats and the trunk—revealing a strangely sterile cooler with blood-like stains as well as veritable trove of weapons in the spare tire compartment. The boys recover an array of knives, a shotgun, revolver and a smaller handgun from the car and leave behind a hunting rifle as well as ropes, chains, plastic sheeting and a morbid collection of death-dealing implements.

Thus armed and dangerous, they flee the scene and rendezvous with Adele and Ophelia at a nearby drinking establishment with the aim of plotting their next move. Everyone is shocked to learn, however, of a new development blaring on the television news—Dan has committed suicide, imitating the same gruesome method employed by Chris some days before. They disperse early in the morning, the girls not daring to return to their apartment when they learn of the strange watcher outside their door.

The next day, Gin, Jacob and Ted resolve to go shooting with their newfound arsenal. Picking up Ophelia and Adele (whom has found herself stalked by the disheveled reporter, Stanning) they drive deep into the bucolic Indiana countryside and proceed to wreck havoc on the sylvan tranquility with buckshot and magnum rounds, discovering in the process that none of the guns have serial numbers and that the magnum revolver was loaded with bona fide silver bullets. Ophelia and Adele await their return in the car, exerting themselves towards the more productive goal of computer research. They uncover that Rob Stanning is, in fact, an alias, linking the man instead to the journalism department at University of Michigan where he left suddenly around the time of several related killings. Furthermore, they discover that Chris’ father, Jeremiah Coleson, is in town and will be holding a memorial service in Chris’ hometown near the Illinois border later that weekend.

Once the marksmen finish their practice, everyone returns to the girls’ apartment and arms themselves in anticipation of some confrontation. They find the place in disarray, clearly ransacked and searched for some unknown purpose. There is no one about, however, save for the sudden (and momentarily nerve-racking) appearance of Sam Nguyen who wishes to speak with Ophelia on a matter of some urgency. They leave in order to find a suitable venue to talk, while the others remain with Adele at the apartment in an effort to pick up the pieces.


Day One (Feb. 15, 2011)

Broken Hearts and Creeping Creepers
Jacob, Teddy, Adelle, and Ophelia all met up in the Wright Dining Hall to talk about Christopher the star football player’s death. He committed suicide by train the night before. Jacob, and Teddy had met him either through the girl that lived down the hall or meeting at parties respectively. After many humorous suicide jokes, we noticed a creepy guy listening in on our conversation. He was kind of shaggy, with thread-bare clothing. His name is Rob Stanning, and he is a reporter for the IDS. He asked us some questions about Christopher Colson. After he finished asking us questions he gave us the impression that he was going to try to get into the dead guy’s room. So the group decided to split up; Jacob and Ophelia would talk to Chris’s ‘friend’, and Teddy and Adelle would creep the creeper.
Note: The odd coldness in Wright!

Jacob and Ophelia
Jacob and Ophelia bought some Subway as a gift/bribe for Larissa Lockhart. She basically told us that Chris had gotten in a fight with his best friend, Dan. She also said on the night that he committed suicide he left to go on a walk to think about things, but we don’t know what things. Chris was very close to Dan, so close in fact that Larissa was jealous of their relationship.

Teddy and Adelle
Teddy and Adelle decided to go to Chris’ room around 1:00am the next morning. After successfully getting past the guard, they went up to his room. There they noticed that the door was open a crack. They waited a while down the hall for whomever was in the room to come out. At last moment, the person inside decided to escape out the window, but they were on the ninth floor. Teddy ran for the door to see this cloaked figure run towards the window with something in his hand. Teddy turned on the light and ran at the figure, thinking that he was going to jump to his death, only to stop in this darkness and fog. He felt dizzy, and like he was going to faint. Adelle ran in to see him just standing in the middle of the room. She didn’t see the fog or the darkness, but she did see a grappling hook on the window sill. But then they heard someone running down the hall towards them. Teddy felt better just in time for him and Adelle to hide in dead kid Chris’ closet. They hide there for what felt like hours, until the security guard to leave. They then made a successful exit!
Note: Again the same odd coldness in Chris’ room!

End of Session One

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